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I Don't Know How She Does It TV-Episode

Modern Family

Die TV-Episode I Don't Know How She Does It von Modern Family wurde am 02.03.2016 veröffentlicht und platzierte sich erstmals am 03.03.2016 auf Platz 64 der myCharts365 Top-100-TV-Episode-Charts.

Die bisher beste Platzierung erreichte die TV-Episode I Don't Know How She Does It von Modern Family mit dem 24. Platz am 04.03.2016, die aktuell letztmalige Platzierung in den myCharts365 Top-100-TV-Episode-Charts erreichte sie am 05.03.2016 mit Platz 87.

Damit war I Don't Know How She Does It von Modern Family bisher insgesamt 3 Tage in den myCharts365 Top-100-TV-Episode-Charts vertreten.


Claire has somehow turned into super mom, running Jay’s closet business and yet still has time for all the duties at home. The kids could not be happier, but Phil could not be more frustrated. Unbeknownst to him, Claire has a secret weapon called a personal assistant. Meanwhile, Joe is going through a fussy phase, and Jay and Gloria are beyond sleep deprived, so they both cut some corners that they know the other would not like and go to great lengths not to get caught. And Mitch and Cam are treated like second-class guests at their friends’ wedding, which Pepper has organized, and they spend the whole time figuring why and who they offended.

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Veröffentlicht am 02.03.2016
Erste Chart-Position #64 am 03.03.2016
Beste Chart-Position #24 am 04.03.2016
Letzte Chart-Position #87 am 05.03.2016
Chart-Ausdauer Top-100 3 Tage
Top-50 1 Tag
Top-25 1 Tag
Top-10 ---
Top-5 ---
#1 ---

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