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My Billionaire's Baby Ebook (kostenlos)

Alexa Davis

Das Ebook My Billionaire's Baby von Alexa Davis wurde am 16.12.2018 veröffentlicht und platzierte sich erstmals am 11.01.2019 auf Platz 70 der myCharts365 Top-100-Ebook-Charts.

Die bisher beste Platzierung erreichte das Ebook My Billionaire's Baby von Alexa Davis mit dem 43. Platz am 12.01.2019, die aktuell letztmalige Platzierung in den myCharts365 Top-100-Ebook-Charts erreichte es am 14.01.2019 mit Platz 70.

Damit war My Billionaire's Baby von Alexa Davis bisher insgesamt 4 Tage in den myCharts365 Top-100-Ebook-Charts vertreten.


My name is Morgan and I am a full-time nurse during the week and on the weekend I enjoy going to the club with my colleagues. One night at the club I decided to leave early by myself. While I walked by an ally I'm attacked and scream for help. A stranger saves me that I later find out is billionaire Terrance Canter. He's breathtaking and I owed him even though I doubted I would ever see him again.  But then I am invited to his VIP room at the club one night... I only planned to say thank you again. However one thing leads to another and I ended up naked in his arms. I hadn't regretted it though. He was better than anyone I had ever slept with. So what was the problem? I had been drunk and didn't even think about using protection. So now here I am, two months later and pregnant. He doesn't know.

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Veröffentlicht am 16.12.2018
Erste Chart-Position #70 am 11.01.2019
Beste Chart-Position #43 am 12.01.2019
Letzte Chart-Position #70 am 14.01.2019
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