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GSE SMART IPTV PRO App für macOS (bezahlt)


Die macOS-App GSE SMART IPTV PRO von droidvision wurde am 25.10.2017 veröffentlicht und platzierte sich erstmals am 03.11.2017 auf Platz 62 der myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts.

Die bisher beste Platzierung erreichte die macOS-App GSE SMART IPTV PRO von droidvision mit dem 7. Platz am 16.05.2019, die aktuell letztmalige Platzierung in den myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts erreichte sie am 07.06.2019 mit Platz 71.

Damit war GSE SMART IPTV PRO von droidvision bisher insgesamt 279 Tage in den myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts vertreten.




Support: Parental control

Support: Automatic live stream reconnection

Support: Dynamic language switching

Support : EPG on favourite channels

Support : Embedded subtitle support and more external subtitle formats support

(Embedded bimap subtitle support : DVB TELETEXT , dvd_subtitle , dvb_subtitle , xsub ,hdmv_pgs_subtitle , ASS , SSA , SUBRIP .... and more ....)

External subtitle support : subrip(srt) , ass , ssa , sub , VTT , subviewer 10/20 ....and more

GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user defined Advanced IPTV solutions for live and non-live TV/stream.

With built-in powerful player that supports most formats including RTMP all options. Fast intelligence M3U playlist parser.

If you ever want to play M3U, JSON live streams, if you need player supporting these live (non- live) streams, this IPTV is a solution for these requirements.

We have provided sample M3U, JSON etc. and ready to start.

- Built-in powerful player support all popular video formats including RTMP with all options including tokens.

Player support lots of popular formats like m3u8,mms,rtsp,rtmp ... etc. for live stream and support MKV ,AVI ,MP4 ,MPEGTS ,MOV ,OGG ,FLV etc.. For non-live streams

- Support: Local M3U Playlists (user can upload via FTP or WEBBROWSER via built-in http server)

- Support: Remote Playlists (User can add their http remote playlists)

- Support: Secure Playlist

- Support: EPG in XMLTV format (xml, zip, gz formats allowed);

- Faster and better intelligence M3U parser

Extra features

1. Favourite playlist

2. Download Remote playlist to Local

3. Remote playlist can be add to database straight away

5. EPG support in XMLTV format, allow XML, ZIP, GZ formats

*** EPG support for local and remote, remote can update regularly ***

6. Dynamic Language support features

- Language set to default language, however users can switch between 31 languages without changing device language setting

- Supported language

Arabic , Czech , Danish , German , Greek , English , Spanish , Finnish , French , Hebrew , Hungarian , Indonesian , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Malay , Dutch , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Swedish , Thai , Turkish , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Catalan , Norwegian , Polish , Slovak , Ukrainian , Vietnamese

Please report any bugs if you found one to david@gsetechnology.co.uk


- GSE SMART IPTV PRO does not supply or include any media or content except some sample dummy link with Sintel

“Sintel” is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

© copyright Blender Foundation | durian.blender.org

- Users must provide their own content

- GSE SMART IPTV PRO has no affiliation with any third-part provider what so ever.

- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright protected material without permission of the copyright holder.

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Veröffentlicht am 25.10.2017
Erste Chart-Position #62 am 03.11.2017
Beste Chart-Position #7 am 16.05.2019
Letzte Chart-Position #71 am 07.06.2019
Chart-Ausdauer Top-100 279 Tage
Top-50 134 Tage
Top-25 54 Tage
Top-10 3 Tage
Top-5 ---
#1 ---

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