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VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings App für macOS (bezahlt)


Die macOS-App VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings von Nektony wurde am 09.04.2013 veröffentlicht und platzierte sich erstmals am 04.04.2017 auf Platz 63 der myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts.

Die bisher beste Platzierung erreichte die macOS-App VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings von Nektony mit dem 21. Platz am 12.06.2018, die aktuell letztmalige Platzierung in den myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts erreichte sie am 12.11.2018 mit Platz 43.

Damit war VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings von Nektony bisher insgesamt 8 Tage in den myCharts365 Top-100-macOS-App-Charts vertreten.


VSD Viewer - professional Visio Drawings viewer for macOS. Preview, navigate, show hidden layers, preview Shape Data, follow hyperlinks, print, save to PDF, and share MS Visio drawings on your Mac.

Visio Themes supported now.

VSD Viewer opens documents of ALL Visio drawing formats - binary VSD 2000-2013, and XML-based VDX/VSDX.

VSD Viewer opens complex formatted Visio Drawings, renders all the drawing content including: regular shapes with formatting, rich formatted texts, graphic objects and images, windows metafile images, OLE objects, layers, and even allows you to preview multiple Shape Data tables and SWITCH LAYERS visibility to preview drawings with details!

VSD Viewer with ease operates multipage documents, renders background pages, allows preview pages using page thumbnail view.

VSD Viewer allows you to save your drawings to Adobe PDF for further sharing.

By using VSD Viewer you can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team members, partners and customers.

It's particularly useful for workgroups that need to collaborate their visual documentation in a multi-platform environment.


• Open and preview any MS Visio 2000 – 2013 drawing of VSD format and VDX/VSDX file formats

• Scroll, zoom and navigate documents

• Navigate multipage documents

• Preview documents with backgrounds

• View formatted objects (lines, arrows, fill types, colors, gradients, opacity, etc.)

• View objects with formatted texts (fonts, colors, styles, text subscript and superscript)

• View drawings with themes

• View objects with tabulated text (texts with frames and tables)

• View documents with hidden objects

• View objects outside page boundaries

• View original dimension units

• View guides for documents

• Print and Save to PDF your drawings


• View and follow hyperlinks

• Search text within drawings

• Preview drawings with layers

• Switch hidden layers visibility*

• View documents with embedded OLE-objects**!

• View documents with embedded metafiles - EMF and WMF**!

• Print and Save to PDF your drawings


• Preview objects' Shape Data

• Enable Shape Data mode to preview assigned data

• Print & Save to PDF drawings with enabled Shape Data

VSD Viewer is a solid tool to preview complex Visio drawings.

VSD Viewer available for iPad and iPhone on iTunes Store, for Android available on Google Play store.

*The option allows you to preview professional drawings switching layers visibility, print documents with visible and hidden layers as well.

**VSD Viewer renders even embedded metafiles images and even ***OLE Objects.

Current versions restrictions:

• Objects shadows are not displayed

VSD Viewer requires OS X 10.8 or later.

VSD Viewer opens:

• MS Visio 2000-2013 Drawings of VSD, VDX, VSDX, VSDM, VDW formats,

• MS Visio Stencils of VSS, VSSX, VSX, VSSM formats,

• MS Visio Templates of VST, VSTX, VTX, VSTM formats.

We are constantly looking for a chance to make our product better and even more valuable for professionals.

Your ideas and feedbacks are highly appreciated at support@nektony.com. Looking forward hearing from you!

Microsoft, Visio are registered trademarks of Microsoft corp.

OS X 10.12 macOS Sierra compatible.

NOTE: We cannot reply you in comments. If you have any comments, general or technical issues, please contact us directly at support@nektony.com, we will respond within one business day.

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